Genetic Test

The Genetic Test
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An exciting new tool for weight loss

Scientists have discovered a correlation between our bodies’ DNA and the way it responds to nutrition and exercise. Among other factors, your individual gene variations play a role in determining how your body manages its weight.

The bodykey genetic test analyses your specific genetic makeup and reveals important information that allows us to identify the dietary composition and type of physical activity for you to achieve weight loss. Your unique test results are then used to design your personal bodykey diet and exercise profile.

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Genetics play a role in weight regulation

The increase in overweight and obesity throughout the world and the consequences on health has driven global research on possible causes and solutions. The latest evidence has confirmed that weight gain and loss can no longer be considered as a simple equation of calories in versus calories out. Instead, a broad range of factors plays a role in weight management, including individual genetic makeup.

Easy, accurate and confidential

Sample collection is easy and can be done at home using the Genetic Test Box provided in the bodykey Kit. After you send in your swab sample, an ISO-certified laboratory in Austria does the rest. Our lab operates under the highest quality standards with the strictest confidentiality, ensuring accurate test results and safe handling. After the analysis, all biological samples will be destroyed.

Only you will have access to your genetic test results via your personal My bodykey Online Coach. These results reveal two specific genetic factors about you: a dietary recommendation in terms of fat and carbohydrates and the amount of physical activity that best suits you.

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