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About bodykey

Looking for a new and effective way to lose weight? Are you interested not only in looking good, but feeling good, too? Have you tried other diets without success?

Finally, here is a weight loss programme that can help you achieve your diet and fitness goals and get into better physical shape. bodykey by NUTRILITE™ is a truly special and effective weight-loss programme because it is based on your individual lifestyle and genetic predisposition, making it a highly effective way for you to lose weight and feel better.

You start the bodykey by NUTRILITE programme by taking a genetic test. Your genetic test results are handled in a secure and safe way, with total confidentiality. Then you answer questions about your lifestyle, fitness level and food preferences.

After that, the experts at bodykey by NUTRILITE provide you with a personalised Diet and Exercise Plan that is tailored to your personal needs, likes and dislikes. And since the plan is totally customised to your individual preferences, you will truly enjoy the recommended recipes and meals from the Diet Plan while efficiently losing weight.

The Exercise Plan is also tailored to your genetic test results and individual fitness level. It includes the types of activities you enjoy, which will encourage you to stay active and get enough exercise to help you achieve your weight loss goals. While you are on your weight loss journey, you will have the full support of My bodykey™ Online Coach to motivate you and help you keep on track with your Diet and Exercise Plan.

Of course, once you have lost the weight, keeping it off in the long run is just as important. And that’s why the bodykey by NUTRILITE programme also focuses on weight management. So no more yo-yo dieting - with bodykey by NUTRILITE not only can you achieve your goal weight, you can also look forward to long-term success.

The specially formulated bodykey products are also an important part of the diet. Instead of one of your regular meals, you can have your choice of shakes or bars every day as part of your Diet Plan. These meals are not just easy and convenient to prepare but also very tasty. In addition, we will recommend you the right supplements to optimise and support your weight loss.

The bodykey by NUTRILITE programme was developed by a team of researchers, nutritionists and wellness coaches in collaboration with the Nutrilite Health Institute and Amway. Our experts have a wealth of know-how and experience in dieting, fitness, health and well-being. They will motivate you throughout your weight loss journey and are committed to your long-term weight management. Why wait any longer? Sign up now to get started with bodykey by NUTRILITE - you are only a few steps away to making your weight loss goal a reality.

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